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Schmidty's Pizza

Description: Schmidty's Pizza is the most famous and original thin crust pizza pie recipe in Chicago for over 25 years.
Location: 2035 N. Karlov Ave., Chicago, IL 60639
Contact Person: james schmidt
Slogan: Hungry? Grab a bite at Schmidty's Pizza!
Business E-Mail:
General Information: We specialize in the best of the best. Get anything you want and we will bring it directly to your doorstop.
Hours of operation: M-F 8AM - 9PM Open Sundays until 12pm
Payment Methods: ATM Master Card VISA
Services/Products: Pizza, Pasta, Beverages, Concierge service, etc.
Brands: Schmidty's Pesto Pizza Homestyle Meatlovers Pizza Create-Your-Own Pizza
Languages spoken: English Only


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Products & Services

14" Chicago Pizza
It has pepperoni, mushrooms and black olives amidst an ocean of melted mozzarella!
14" Create-Your-Own Pizza
Customers at Schmidty's Pizza indulge in a delectable treat as they create their own pizza with all their favorite toppings!
Large Wedge Salad
A simple dish that Schmidty's executes extremely well in a bowl with a generous heaping of bacon, dressing and cherry tomatoes.


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